According to the Skills Development (SD) elements of the B-BBEE scorecard, Techtisa can offer

Category B, C, D, E and F interventions (see Table below). Category B (Learnerships) gets the highest scoring on the BBBEE scorecard as its speaks to the expenditure, possibly disabled expenditure,

Employed and/or Unemployed SETA Accredited Learnerships, Unit standard aligned training and short skills courses.

Techtisa are industry leaders when it comes to bursary solutions associated with a B-BBEE rating. Techtisa’s unique offering is based on accredited and un-accredited training interventions accredited with various SETAS.

Techtisa Offers:

Techtisa bursary solutions Involves:

Value added service:

Learnerships for employed and unemployed individuals.

Recruitment of unemployed individuals (abled and disabled) all part of our Training fee (no

additional charged for recruitment). Feedback on our interventions to our client

Techtisa will be able to further customise any of our offerings according to the needs of our client. Utilising the services of Techtisa allows our clients to simultaneously gain 135% recognition of the procurement element of the B-BBEE scorecard.

Customised solutions that cater for your company i.e. customising Learnerships or any other skills programs to cater for your specific needs e.g. additional leader training attached to a Learnership.

What is Bursary Spend of the BBBEE Skills Development (SD) score card? According to the SD element of the BBBEE score card, bursary spending is denoted under category A (see Table below). Techtisa are industry leaders when it comes to bursary solutions associated with a B-BBEE rating. Techtisa’s unique offering will find students currently at educational institutes that your company may offer a bursary to. This will allow your company to specifically target demographics that may not be part of the current workforce of the company. This includes individuals from various disadvantaged demographics as well as disabled individuals. This will effectively impact on your companies scoring.

Techtisa Offers:

Techtisa bursary solutions Involves:

Recruiting students currently at tertiary institutes according to our clients EAP targets, budget and relevant areas of study.

Tertiary institutions to draw up invoices directly to the client, with each student (as per the clients EAP requirements) stipulated on the invoice.

Our client pays directly to the respective tertiary institute. The institute provides a letter confirming that they have received the funds as a bursary payment from our client and allocated to the respective students.

Techtisa will provide a bursary agreement document for all the students stipulating that they have received a bursary from our client.

Accredited Qualifications: