Who are we?

Techtisa is a 100% black owned, 51% black female owned B-BBEE level 1 Consulting and Skills Development Provider Accredited with various SETA's. Techtisa offers education and training management as well as B-BBEE strategy solutions to corporate enterprises.


Initiate and Implement REAL Transformation in South Africa.


Techtisa aims to be a preferred business partner that can create solutions for our clients in line with all businesses and business legislation in South Africa.


One of Techtisa's value propositions - also being its vision

is being able to ‘Initiate and Implement Real

Transformation in South Africa”.

Techtisa have thus developed the necessary expertise to

allow the safe initiation and implementation of B-BBEE

initiatives to provide the most leverage for our clients in

terms of B-BBEE scoring.

Techtisa provides a holistic solution to its clients

regarding its service offering.

Techtisa offers 135% preferential procurement


Techtisa offers professional and efficient services even

during high demand times (i.e. approaching financial year


Accredited with DHET (Department of Higher

Education), various SETA's and a member of the ABP

(association of B-BBEE solutions).

Techtisa (Pty) Ltd is accredited ISO 9001:2015